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[REVIEW] Help ANNEX x Cornerstone get nutritious food to people who need it.

ANNEX x Cornerstone tie into circular food economy

[REVIEW] Annex Market, in partnership with the Cornerstone, is a local everything store. Tying into the circular food economy, it offers a model that works for all - a model that eliminates food waste, shares economic prosperity with local farmers and producers, and nourishes our community with healthy food.

Annex Market Guelph is striving for a circular economy model that works for all by eliminating waste, sharing economic prosperity with the local farmers and producers, nourishing our community with healthy food, and through the use of E-bikes.

We work hard to ensure that the assortment of goods in Guelph will be focused on bringing down the prices of basic supplies to ensure affordable, nutritious food is available for the community away from the big box grocery stores and in the heart of downtown. The synergies between Annex Market, as a food distribution hub, and The Cornerstone, as a restaurant, also allow for a vast reduction in food waste.




  • Standardize reusable containers to replace current single-use packaging
  • Create a closed-loop supply chain from producers to local consumers
  • Use technology to enable producers, consumers, and local marketplaces to transact and connect
  • Enable community owner, low-cost distribution nodes to enable local pickup or last-mile delivery.
  • Cost savings to pay producers and local market operators more and offer consumers better quality products at lower prices
  • Convert a significant part of the cost structure from fixed to variable






Annex Market, in partnership with the Cornerstone, is a local everything store. We are making local food, alcohol, and sustainable products available to the Guelph community at affordable prices while ensuring zero-emission last-mile distribution through the use of e-bikes. Staff are paid Living Wage.


When you spend $100 or more:

  • You save $10
  • Annex Market Guelph donates $10 to The SEED
  • Through the Our Food Future Harve$t Impact donation match, that $10 becomes $20


How it helps the consumer, producer, and the community


  • Consumer: Annex Guelph is reinventing the grocery store by making organic, nutritious food, and sustainable goods available to all consumers at affordable pric
  • Producer: Our supply chain has been taken over by large corporations and big box store grocers. For producers, this means they are constantly being pushed to cut costs and take on risks in the supply chain. We seek to create a closed-loop chain from producers to local consumers.
  • Community: We are enabling community-owned, low-cost distribution nodes to enable local pickup or last-mile delivery.

Harve$t Impact

Socially Financing Our Food Future

To support increased access to healthy, nutritious food, Harve$t Impact will launch its first community funding process raising funds and in-kind services to support the work of The SEED, Our Food Future’s lead circular food economy demonstration project.

While the project collaborators are mobilizing physical resources, such as warehouse space, refrigeration, cooking space and partner organizations, this online donation site will allow all who can, to help.

This project shows the power of community working together. Please support us in this work.

Julia Grady, Project Lead

Harve$t Impact, by 10C

Socially Financing Our Food Future


Gavin Dandy, Directing Manager


Working towards a community with no barriers to healthy food

A project of the Guelph Community Health Centre


Socially Financing Our Food Future

Our Food Future

A Smart Cities Circular Food Economy Project​

Inspired by the planet’s natural cycles, a circular food economy reorganizes and regenerates the systems that feed us, eliminating waste, replenishing our ecological systems, sharing economic prosperity, and nourishing our communities. In Guelph-Wellington, we are working to build a circular food economy that will achieve a 50% increase in access to affordable nutritious food, 50 new circular economy businesses and collaborations and a 50% increase in circular economic revenue by recognizing the value of waste.

Our Food Future
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